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The founder of it fits, Katharina Schaus, has set herself the goal of supporting the textile industry worldwide in the development of ecological, innovative and future-oriented concepts. These always have the aim of being marketable, adapted to customer needs, functional and suitable for enhancing the company's image. Our aim is to ensure that social, ecological and economic aspects, in short sustainability, fit together in business activities. It fits is a competent cooperation partner for textile and clothing companies that compete  with sustainable strategies. Working together with you to make ecological projects a success is a central goal of it fits.
Our location in Konstanz on Lake Constance enables us to maintain a very personal relationship with our customers (above all) in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)  and to recharge our batteries for our work in this environment every day.

Katharina Schaus

Diploma engineer clothing technology (A.Sc.)

it fits – Organic Textile Partner
2001: Founder and Managing Director
Started from the base with a journeyman's certificate as a dressmaker and pattern maker in industry, then studied clothing technology at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences.

IMO Swiss AG, Ecocert IMO GmbH
1995 – 2018: i.e. 23 years as a freelancer in the textile department
Establishment  of an international inspection and certification system for organic textiles (IVN, GOTS, OCS, Coop Naturline, etc.)
Business Development (internal, external)
Carrying out of inspections and certifications
Organisation of three international conferences (Intercot: Bingen 1996, Düsseldorf 2002, Chicago 2004)

Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH in Butzbach
1997-2000: i.e. 3 years staff position of the company founder Heinz Hess in the field of innovation and ecology
Project Manager and Project Leader "Factor 4 Plus – Future-oriented  Mail Order and Resource Management



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Graduate engineer Katharina Schaus


(Board) member of Rotary Club Konstanz-Mainau


Board member of booster club music school Konstanz



Working motto: What I do with a lot of fun and joy, I will do successfully. My work gives me a lot of pleasure, which I like to share with my customers.


Mirjam Krönert - BACHELOR sTUDENT

Mirjam Krönert already dealt with the topic of sustainability in the textile industry during her Bachelor studies of Sustainable Development at Bochum University of Applied Science.

Following a successful internship at it fits - Organic Textile Partner,

she is now developing a sustainability check as part of her bachelor thesis.

katja Rombach - maSTER sTUDENT

After  successfully completing her studies in Textile Engineering at the University of Applied Science Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Katja Rombach begun her Master's degree in Economics at the HTWG Konstanz. She gained practical experience in textile development and innovative manufacturing at Freudenberg Performance Materials and at Margarete Steiff GmbH. Her interest in sustainability in the textile industry led her to the master thesis at it fits - Organic Textile Partner.


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