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History of it fits

In January 2001, Katharina Schaus ventured into self-employment by founding it fits - Organic Textile Partner. From the beginning, the consulting company focused on the goal of "sustainability" and supervised social ecological and future-oriented projects, which were once still a niche topic. The aim was always to ensure that social, ecological and economic aspects fit together in economic activity - in line with the motto "it fits". However, sustainability objectives have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Today, sustainability is a factor that determines success and a social, political, and environmental necessity. it fits was therefore part of a sustainable movement at an early stage and shaped its portfolio through certification consulting and knowledge transfer.


"Our personal highlights along the way include hosting the international Intercot congress three times and establishing the Organic Textile Forum as popular platforms for knowledge transfer and networking in the industry. The expert report on sustainable clothing and the existing sustainability seals for the parliamentary group of the Greens/Bündnis 90 was enormously effective. Seal knowledge gathered over the many years has been incorporated into the it fits label school. Our greatest success was undoubtedly to have played a major role in the initiation of the GOTS.", sums up Katharina Schaus.

Our location

Our location in Constance on Lake Constance allows us to maintain a very personal connection to our customers and project partners in the DACH region and to recharge our batteries for our work in this environment every day. But we have also experienced a lot internationally and realized exciting sustainability projects.